Industrial Painting Toronto

There are house painters, and then there are industrial painters. Industrial painting and the preparation needed to begin painting is our specialty and we take pride in our work and truly care about our customers’ satisfaction. For the past 20 years we have been offering top quality painting in a manner of methods.

Airless spray painting is one of the methods we excel in and this type of painting can be used on many things. We do everything like corrugated deck roofs, dust collectors, brick walls, swimming pools and much more.

If we are unable to spray a job due to nearby traffic or machinery close by, we also specialize in brush and roll painting. Many food plants, for example, must have every piece of bare metal primed and painted in order to pass inspection. Due to the sensitive environment that the metal is found in, it must be painted with care in order to avoid contamination and follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) procedures. All of our employees are trained to work in such environments and our customers are always satisfied.